Miracle of compassion

(हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहां क्लिक करे।)

 Emperor Ashoka proceeded night and day in the lure of victory.  Even conquered Kalinga and returned to his capital.  The celebration of this victory was decided to be celebrated with great gaiety and preparations for this ceremony of enthronement started with great fanfare.

 On the day of the festival, Emperor Ashoka reached his mother to seek his blessings.  Ashok very proud. Along with the mother told the story of Vijay and told that two and a half lakh Surmas were killed
 I have won this victory.

 Hearing this, tears started flowing from mother's eyes.

 Ashok asked- "Mataji! This pleasant
 Those tears are fun in Bella, aren't they? "

 "No, no Ray Ashok!"  Mother said - "If you had been in those two and a half million people, what would have happened to me? I am thinking. What would have happened to their parents, you also thought? I wish you had thought and all this would not have happened."

 As if Emperor Ashoka woke up from sleep.  The festive work stopped.  Meditation ended with the mind.  Compassion, disinterestedness was awakened.  From that day itself, he devoted his life to worship.
 This miracle of Mataji's compassion was written in history in golden letters.

 Education - The effect of compassion is deep.  Results do not take long to change.