Mystery of idol worship

 Once the Maharaj of Alwar, hearing Swami Vivekananda's fame, called him to the Rajya Sabha and asked-

 'Swamiji!  What is the benefit of idol worship of stone, clay, wood etc.? '

In response, Swamiji got the picture of King Sahab hanging in front and asked Diwan Saheb.
Asked to spit on him.  Dewan Sahab was shocked.  He said - 'How can this happen?  This is a picture of Maharaja Saheb.

Swamiji said - 'Maharaja is sitting in it ? It is a piece of paper. '
Nobody in the court agreed to spit on it. Then Swamiji said, 'None of you dared to spit on this, because seeing this picture reminds the Maharaja, that is why the honor of the Maharaja is there, you respect this picture.  Similarly, no one worships the stone, all worship the image of God.  This picture is a copy of the statue.  This gives real knowledge.

 Hearing this, Maharaja Sahab's doubts were overcome.

 Education - The devotee can easily see the image of the idol in the idol.  The idol is capable of presenting the true image of God even though it is of stone.

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