Dyspersia Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Ayurveda is not just a medical system of ancient India, it is a comprehensive medicine.  Such methods of medicinal experiments were discovered here, which can increase happiness and excitement in life.  He can be made free from disease and live happily.  The word Aryu means the time between life and death… Ayurveda tells us how to live this time between life and death.  How to open the way to positive and healthy life for oneself with self-power, nature's connection and a little awareness ...

 👉 Dyspersia Ayurvedic Home Remedies

 1. Baking tomatoes and applying rock salt and black pepper (ground powder), removes indigestion.

 2. With equal amount of dry ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, keep the powder safe by grinding and grinding it properly.  Eating this powder with fresh water in the quantity of 1 gram before meals ends indigestion and indigestion.

 3. Prepare the powder by taking equal quantity of roasted cumin, roasted asafetida, dry ginger and rock salt each.  Taking 2-2 grams of this powder after meals continuously for a few days ends indigestion.

 4. Taking orange juice as required, adding a little salt and ginger powder to it, taking it continuously for a few days removes indigestion and increases digestion power.

 5. Consuming 10 grams 2 spoons of juice of Tulasi leaves daily for a few days continuously, the disorder of indigestion disappears.

 6. Mix equal quantity of white cumin and black salt in dry, sour pomegranate and take it with hot water, it ends indigestion.

 7. Ginger 10 grams, 5 grams of lemon juice and 1 gram of saunchar salt mixed by taking all of them ends the pain of indigestion.  If this experiment is done after meals every day, then indigestion never suffers.

 8. Roasting of small myrobalan and consuming it with black salt destroys indigestion disorders.

 9. By adding sugar, dry ginger, black pepper, cumin, camphor, cardamom in pulp of vine and taking it after filtering, it removes anorexia and relieves anorexia.

 10. Prepare the powder by grinding equal amount each of Amla, Harada, Bahera, Ashwagandha, Asparagus and Mulahti, by grinding and grinding them.  Mixing 2-3 grams of this powder with honey and taking it thrice daily for 30 minutes before meals is beneficial for fire extinguishment.


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