Hyper Acidity Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Hyper Acidity Ayurvedic Home Remedies

 1. Soak 10 grams thick Indian gooseberry at night and soak it at night and mix 3 grams of soda and 1 gram of cumin in the morning and mix it very finely by mixing 50-50 grams of milk and 20 grams sugar candy and give it to the patient suffering from acidity.  Is a beneficial experiment.

2. Mix 1 gram of mango gum in 50 grams of boiled leaves of acacia leaves and keep it at night and in the morning, drink it in a good manner with feces.  Acidity is a very beneficial experiment.

 3. Taking equal quantity of neem leaves, bitter parwal leaves and giloy and grinding together and mixed with honey is beneficial in acidity.

 4. Taking fine powder of liquorice mixed with honey and melted butter (uneven quantity) is beneficial in acidity.

 5. Dalchini and pomegranate 2-2 grams, cardamom and dry grapes 5-5 grams, dry mint, amla 3-3 grams, black cumin 1 gram, gulkand 20 grams and water 90 gram and grind all the above mentioned medicines in water and feed them to the patient by filtering the gulakanda with feces.


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