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            My name is Satish Shastri Jain and this is my blog www.adhyatmam.in . I work as a senior teacher in a private Jain institution (college).  According to the practice and life experience I have done, I will share with you useful sources to succeed in life through this blog. You will find inspirational themes in the life of religion, philosophy, spirituality, morality, education, history, historical legends, knowledge, Ayurveda, untouched aspects available in ancient texts, life  Ideas will be presented on problem-solutions throu this blog.

         If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to us at satish20.sg@gmail.com . I will definitely give you a response in 24 hours.  I will try to take the good from this blog.

 About us: -

 Name- Satish Shastri Jain


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 contact: - satish20.sg@gmail.com